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The good weather is here to stay, and evenings in the garden, porch or terrace at home are becoming the best plan. That is why if we want to enjoy it 100%, we must prepare it. If you are looking to prepare your terrace for the summer, you probably don’t know where to start. How do I protect myself from the sun? What floor is best for outside? How do I clean my awning? How do I clean the drains of my pergola? Don’t worry! At COBERTI we are going to give you answers to all these questions.

Preparing your terrace for the summer has never been so easy.

Tips for cleaning the awning of your garden, terrace or porch

Awnings are a fundamental part to protect us from the sun. Whether it is a larger or smaller space, having or not having this outdoor structure completely conditions when it comes to enjoying the garden. If we have a quality awning, in the summer season we will be able to significantly reduce the temperature, saving on your electricity bill.

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After a few months of rain and sand, it is time to clean them in depth so that they fulfil their function perfectly. COBERTI is a company in Malaga of awnings. Do not miss our tips.

1. Remove dust from the awning. The first step in maintaining your pergola is to carefully remove all the dust that has accumulated over the months. We recommend that you do this step with a hoover or a soft brush.

2. Prepare a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Spread it with the help of a soft brush so that the entire awning is well impregnated.

3. What do I do if my awning has a stain? In this case you can use a detergent diluted in lukewarm water or liquid soap and leave it to act for a few minutes. Rinse the metal parts thoroughly and dry them with a cloth.

How to prepare my terrace for the summer

Life on the terrace is the best life. Summer is here and with it we say goodbye to bad weather. A bad weather that has left its mark on our exterior, such as the furniture, the floor, awnings or pergolas. Now that the summer evenings are beginning, it is time to get it ready to enjoy 100% of the most special space in your home.

pergola bioclimatica preparar tu terraza para el veranoIf you are wondering how to prepare your terrace for the good weather, you are in the right place! At COBERTI we are experts in comprehensive projects for terraces, gardens, porches and all outdoor spaces.

1. Thoroughly inspect the terrace to see what needs to be fixed. Gradually do the main things, such as dusting, cleaning the floors, and removing leaves that have accumulated over the cold months.

2. Clean and empty drains and gutters. This is essential for the outdoor structures to function perfectly. Even more so considering the stormy weather we have had over the last few months. Remove all the debris that may be clogging them, as well as the dirt around them to avoid clogging. You can also make a mixture with four spoonfuls of bicarbonate and a cup of hot vinegar and pour it down the drain. Leave it to act for two hours and then pour hot water down the pipe.

3. Check the condition of the ground or your artificial turf. In this regard, you should take into account which floor you have on your terrace, garden or porch, since each one needs a different type of care. For example, wood is cleaned with water and a stiff-bristled brush with the help of bicarbonate. Both ceramic and composite only require a thorough cleaning. For artificial turf, you can remove dust with a hoover and spray it with pressurised water, lifting the fibres with a stiff brush.

4. Beware of damp. On north-facing terraces in cold and rainy climates during the winter, damp often develops. When damp spots are small, you can remove them yourself with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Scrub with a bristle brush and apply a special pore-plugging treatment to the mud. If the stains are large, we advise you to consult a professional.

5. Count on professionals for the maintenance of your terrace. At COBERTI we offer a maintenance service for awnings, pergolas, glass curtains and other outdoor structures in Malaga. Leave it in our hands and enjoy your exterior without any effort.

How to make full use of the outdoor space in my house

Do you want your terrace or garden to be practical and stylish? At COBERTI we have the solution. We are experts in outdoor projects in Malaga, creating contemporary spaces with unbeatable comfort thanks to the cutting-edge technology with which all our structures are configured.

Do you need some ideas? Don’t miss our proposals. You can get all of them with us.

Awnings, the best protection from the sun

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Its main objective is to protect our garden, terrace or porch from the sun, with fabrics that prevent solar radiation from passing through, creating a shaded space completely to your liking. COBERTI awnings in Malaga are known for their unprecedented quality, with a guarantee of experience in the installation that is clearly palpable in the result.

No matter what your style and needs are, you can get the one that best suits your space. You will find, for example, shade sails, arm awnings, vertical awnings, and veranda awnings.

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Pergolas, an all-round solution

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Energy saving, care for the planet, design and comfort are the keys to the success of pergolas so that you can make the most of your home’s outdoor space all year round. At COBERTI you can find all kinds of pergolas in Malaga.

You can opt for the most classic ones, such as wooden pergolas, or those that have made an impact on the outdoor renovation market: bioclimatic pergolas. You will also find made-to-measure aluminium pergolas, and the great revolution in retractable fabric pergolas: Pergotenda by Corradi.

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Glass enclosures

cortina de cristal sin perfiles en malagaGlass curtains without vertical profiles are the perfect option to enjoy your views without being conditioned by the weather. They are practically invisible when closed and, when open, thanks to their sliding or folding system, they are also imperceptible.

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Making the most of gardens, porches and terraces is our speciality. Excellence is our hallmark in the comprehensive outdoor projects we carry out for both professionals and private individuals. All of this is accompanied by an additional maintenance service to ensure that your outdoor structures are always in perfect condition.

In COBERTI we give ourselves as much to the project of our clients as if it were our own. We attend in a personalised way to both individuals and professionals, advising and giving effective solutions that will last for many years.

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