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In the last three years we have come to appreciate more than ever how important it is to have a conditioned outdoor space in order to gain quality of life. Quality of life to enjoy solitude reading a book or listening to music. For our children to enjoy a full childhood outdoors, to have barbecues with friends and family or simply to appreciate small pleasures such as having a coffee on the terrace or porch on a Sunday morning. All this is wonderful until we detect, in some cases, the gaze of the neighbours. That is why today from Coberti we are going to give you some ideas to gain privacy on your terrace or porch.

Stay tuned because we’ll reveal all the keys. Take note.

intimidad en tu terraza

What does the outdoor space look like where you want to gain privacy?

No two spaces are the same. That is why the most important thing is to stop and analyse what the outdoor space we want to protect from prying eyes is like. First of all, you should think about how high it is, whether it is a ground floor or an attic, whether it faces directly onto the street or what views we have in front of us. It is true that some terraces or porches have a clean and privileged landscape, overlooking the sea, the countryside, or simply nothing.

However, there are many occasions when this is not the case and we have to resort to outdoor structures to feel comfortable in our home and give it life with total freedom. This is not bad news because the structures to protect your garden, porch or terrace that we propose from Coberti will also be very useful in many other ways to turn it into your place of disconnection.

Ideas for more privacy on my terrace or porch

Preserving your privacy does not have to be synonymous with feeling closed in. There are awnings, vertical or horizontal; pergolas, even plants or trellises that will be useful to divert prying eyes and enjoy life outdoors. And not only that, but all these outdoor structures will provide you with a multitude of benefits that will make you wonder why you have not put them up before.

Coberti is a company in Malaga specialised in pergolas, glass enclosures, horizontal awnings, vertical awnings, arm awnings, veranda awnings, and outdoor flooring with more than 15 years of experience. Below, we talk about a series of quality solutions to gain privacy on your terrace or porch.

Pergolas to always enjoy your outdoor space

pergola modular malaga

Pergolas are the favourite structures of architects and decorators. The reason is that they are ideal for extending the living space of a home and have a unique design. In addition, they can be customised according to the style of each family, for example, with different coverings or vertical glass enclosures or directly with awnings.

Types of pergolas for garden or terrace

A few days ago we talked about the 4 trends in pergolas for this season. If you want to buy a pergola in Malaga, we recommend you to read it. These are the different types of pergolas you can use to protect your outdoor space:

  • Bioclimatic pergolas: these are structures that regulate the temperature of the space without sacrificing natural light or the pleasure of being outdoors. They have an innovative system thanks to which they protect from inclement weather and adapt according to the season, some of them do it automatically! All the pergolas that you will find in Coberti are compatible with vertical enclosures and you can choose the cover that best suits you.

coberti pergola bioclimatica alba

Buy bioclimatic pergola in Malaga

  • Aluminium pergolas. Another idea to be 100% comfortable on your terrace are aluminium pergolas. As well as protecting you, with them you will be saving on your electricity bill because they make the most of the natural light and temperature. You can finish the roof completely smooth on both sides and they are compatible with many complements, such as vertical enclosures, so that you and your family are more protected.

coberti pergola aluminio techo fijo galeria12

Buy aluminium pergola in Malaga

  • Wooden pergolas. Wooden pergolas have an elegant and warm design, and also modern depending on the colour chosen. You can install motorised elements, awnings and vertical enclosures for protection.

Buy wooden pergola in Malaga

  • Pergotenda by Corradi. It is an aluminium pergola topped with a bioclimatic fabric cover that is patented by Corradi. Its success is due to its unparalleled performance. First and foremost, its solidity allows it to completely protect the space. But, if you want a completely unobstructed view, it folds away almost imperceptibly.

Buy Pergotenda de Corradi in Málaga

Veranda awnings to protect glass roofs

Veranda awnings are designed to provide shade and privacy for glass roofs, conservatories or dormer windows. Many of our customers choose this option for their pergolas and mobile roofs. They are very strong and easy to fold.

toldo veranda techo acristalado

Vertical awnings for terraces and porches

If you don’t like curtains and blinds to protect you, another option that you will love are the vertical awnings for terraces and porches. They are a perfect protection element for windows and enclosures. In Coberti we work with manufacturers that have quality and customised projects as their signs of identity.

Folding awnings

Folding awnings are a horizontal awning that will allow you to be outside without feeling observed, and will provide great shade when you need it. Their great advantage is that they can be retracted completely. Invisible arm awnings are very popular for small balconies, terraces and porches.

toldo de brazo para terraza

Solar sails

If you want privacy and perfect shade, we recommend solar sails. You can choose between triangular and rectangular sails depending on the area you want to cover. At Coberti, a Malaga based company specialising in awnings, we also have a motorised version with an anemometer for automatic closing in case of strong winds.

vela de sombra terraza

Where to buy outdoor products to fit out my terrace

Coberti is a company in Malaga specialised in awnings, pergolas, terrace, balcony and porch enclosures. We can advise you so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs to achieve that much desired privacy. We have the most innovative manufacturing, design and measuring process on the market with cutting-edge technology. In addition, we have the solidity of our experience and we are backed by the satisfaction of the people who have already trusted in our work.

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